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A clutch brand that challenges normalisation by transforming a conventional staple item into an eclectically unique statement piece, L’alingi’s design is quirky yet femininely refined; crafted and created to the highest calibre. Set to unleash the child within through its unconventional and radically challenging design, L’alingI seamlessly intertwines mundane objects with luxurious relics, to transform the commonplace clutch into a capricious and humorous work of art. Inspired by the exponential Japanese fake food movement, the first collection combines pabulum and fashion in a revolutionary fusion of pioneering design. The brand will be introducing cutting-edge materials as well as the intricate art of mimicking real food and confectionary. The power of the two together gives clear indication as to why food and fashion are the two reigning themes of the social media monarchy. L’alingi supports the use of unconventional material and the concept of newness, whilst maintaining its roots in the ‘luxury can still be fun and individualistic’ movement.


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