Sustainability and environmental responsibility 

We carefully source our materials to ensure they meet our high-quality ethical standards and align with our pledge to environmental responsibility. Although some of our bags are already 100% vegan, we continue to search for more sustainable, environmentally conscious and animal-friendly materials. 

During factory production, we do our best to ensure that all materials used including fabrics and metal components do not go to waste. Unused metal components are melted down and reused through the process of electrolysis in a galvanic plant.

10,000 litres of water used in the galvanic plant are recycled every day through special filters. The filtering process allows the polluted water to be cleaned and reused for up to 4 months.

Circular fashion 

At L'alingi, we believe that circular fashion is the way to a more sustainable future. That is why we have partnered with Nova Octo and HURR Collective, UK’s leading wardrobe rental platform, to prolong the life of our pieces and ensure that no bag is left behind.

A selection of our samples and past season styles are available to rent at and You may also find our pieces at the HURR x Selfridges Pop-Up, in London, and at the Nova Octo Showroom, in New York. 

Model holding a L'alingi pink satin round clutch with with crystal encrusted handle
Model wearing a brocade long gown with a L'alingi silver satin round clutch with with crystal encrusted handle